Northern Medieval Association
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About the NMA

The primary goal of the NMA is to educate our members and the public in an interesting and exciting format. Because our clothing and equipment are reconstructions and not museum pieces we can provide a hands-on interaction with the medieval time period.

Currently our organization is based out of New York State. All events are held in this area of the United States.

About this Site

This web site has two functions:

One is to provide a resource for students, teachers, researchers, historians, living history organizations, and any interested individual. When NMA members reconstruct a culture and time period they attempt to reference each reconstructed item. This site contains information about our reconstructions, references, sketches, notes, archaeological evidence, and links to appropriate sites. This information is contained in the living history section of each faction site. We are also making an attempt to include a brief overview of each culture represented by the NMA factions.

The second function is to make available information for NMA members and prospective members. In addition to the reconstruction information this site contains information about membership, the NMA membership manual, schedule of events, and an electronic version of the NMA newsletter.

As you may imagine we have taken on a Herculean task with developing this web site. We intend to gradually work on its development so check back periodically to see our additions. We also appreciate your feedback and comments; feel free to contact us. Thanks for visiting.

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